Dear MIMsters: Am I Putting Too Much Pressure On My Child?


Am I putting too much pressure on my child?

I withdrew my 5 year-old son from one school, and took him to another one when we moved from one place to another.

His former school gave him a double promotion from Transition to Basic 2 because he performed very well. In fact, he always led the class.
However, on getting to his new school, the management wanted him to start from Basic 1. They said that their school is of a higher standard than his previous one but I insisted since he has already been promoted to Basic 2 at his former school. So they agreed to try BASIC 2 and watch his performance. They said his performance is bad, he will be sent back to Basic 1.
Now, at the end of the first term, my son got an average of 62 percent while the class average was 88 percent and his position was 15th out of 17 pupils in the class.
Please help a concerned mother. I know my son is very intelligent but I don’t want to make the innocent boy suffer as he is really struggling to cope and learn in that class. Should I take him back to Basic 1 or leave him there and continue to assist him with lessons at home? He already has a lesson teacher. The school is not willing to demote him and I am one who always keep moving my kids forward academically and always want them to be at the top. Will this help him?
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“Dear MIMsters: Am I Putting Too Much Pressure On My Child?”

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