Dear MIMsters: What Could Be Responsible for My Husband’s Drastic Change?

What could be responsible for my husband’s drastic change?

I delivered a beautiful baby girl 6 months ago. During my delivery, my husband was in the labor room with me. We live abroad, so it was just me and him.

The problem is my home hasn’t been the way it used to be since I gave birth. Before I had my baby, my husband made love to me every single day. There was nothing he didn’t do from kissing me, sucking my boobs to giving me a head. Our love making was always intense but now, he seems to have lost interest in me.

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He doesn’t touch me anymore and if he does, he would just put his dick straight into my veejay without any foreplay. He seems to be irritated at the sight of me, meanwhile, I’m cute and pretty.

I snapped back one month after having my baby, so I got lots of toasters whenever I went out with or without my baby. I try as much as possible to stay clean always. But no matter how much I tried to seduce him, he still doesn’t look at me.

I have complained so many times to him but he doesn’t seem to be bothered. I’m dying inside. I miss how we use to be.

On our wedding anniversary, he told me he was going to check on some properties and would be back before noon. He told me that I should get ready to go out with him when he gets back, that he was going to take me out. I waited for him and when it was getting dark, I called him just to know if I could start dressing up but his phone was switched off.

I called again after an hour, he picked up and said he was going to call me back in 5 minutes. I called him after 5 minutes but he kept cutting the calls. I sent him a message, he replied my message but didn’t pick my call. I called him more than 50 times again but he didn’t pick my call till he got home at 11 p.m.

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When he got home, he just went straight to bed without saying a single word to me. The following morning, he left the house, went out again without talking to me. We haven’t spoken to each other since then and I really don’t care about what this is going to result to. The problem is, I feel so empty.

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“Dear MIMsters: What Could Be Responsible for My Husband’s Drastic Change?”
  • Well I can relate as I went through similar challenge, but in my own case hubby actually confessed that he sees me as an old woman that can’t perform like be4, well I seduced him a certain day & did winders……… That actually helped.

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