Dear Mimsters: If I Don’t Pay Heed To This Prophecy, I May Lose My Marriage But It’s Not That Simple

If I don’t pay heed to this prophecy, I may lose my marriage, but it’s not that simple.

I got married on the 6th of May 2017.

My father was suppose to sponsor me to school but when I got married, my husband took over that responsibility.

However, when I gained admission, I couldn’t go to school because there was an unconfirmed early cyesis according to a scan I took. By the time the issue was resolved and it showed I wasn’t pregnant, my admission space had already been given to someone else.

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Recently, I have bought forms to join the police service (which has a maximum of eight months training). But a revelation came that my husband’s family will get for him another wife to bear him a child as soon as I leave and that I would return to meet my pregnant rival.

This means me postponing my police ambition till next year, stay back this year to bear a child for my husband. Let me add that my husband’s family told me point blank that since I arrived as a wife, my husband no longer often sends money to them. (He’s the breadwinner of their entire family). They also said that since I came to marry their son with another man’s child, (very true. I have a 5 year old adorable daughter) and haven’t yet conceived and birthed a child for them, I shouldn’t spend my husband’s money.

I have been married for 8 months now. Two months after I got married, my menses stopped flowing (I am teary now). I have gone to several hospitals, several times and placed on several medications without any positive results.

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They keep telling me everything is fine with me. I have adopted 3 girls who I cater for (a set of twin girls and their younger sibling). I’ve prayed consistently to God for the past 6 months and my prayers are still unanswered. I need a child. My husband pretends he’s OK but I have caught him twice weeping because of this issue.

I am confused about choosing between going for the police training between paying heed to that prophecy. What do you think I should do? Please advice and God bless you.

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“Dear Mimsters: If I Don’t Pay Heed To This Prophecy, I May Lose My Marriage But It’s Not That Simple”
  • Haba!!!! Eight months marriage and you’re being pressured this way? They should all be blamed for your inability to conceive because you need rest of mind and sane environment to do so.

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