Dear MIMsters: Am I at Risk of Having a Baby With Sickle Cell?

Am I at risk of having a baby with sickle cell?

I’m happily married with two adorable girls. I got married 5 years ago and became pregnant a few months after the wedding.

During the antenatal process, hubby was asked to come and donate blood. In the process, we found out that his blood group and genotype were AA and O+ respectively, while mine was AS and B+.

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Mind you, we are not illiterates. I have tested my genotype about three times and the result were always AA and B+, same as my mum. So I didn’t believe this recent result but I wasn’t bothered since hubby’s result was AA.

One thing though, hubby had previously told me before we got married that his blood group is AS while I have always been AA.

Fast forward to two years after marriage, hubby got really sick and was admitted, that was how I got to know that his real genotype is SC not AA. OMG! I was already pregnant with our second child. I couldn’t take this up with him because he was seriously ill.

I went on to have the baby and after her first birthday, she fell it. She was always crying and running a high temperature. A test was conducted and we discovered that her genotype is SC which explained her discomfort.

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She’s two years now. The problem now is hubby wants us to have another baby. I’m not having any of it but he’s pushing very hard and wants to have a boy this time. I am more interested in not having a child with SS. How do I handle this? Any advice?

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