Dear MIMsters: Should I Walk Away Or Try to Fix Things?

Should I walk away or try to fix things?

It all began with “I like you, let us start something meaningful” and within a few months, I got pregnant and this wasn’t planned.

I told my husband about the pregnancy and he agreed to keep it.

Fast forward to a month later, we did our introduction and fixed our wedding within the space of 3 months. It was after that, he started showing his true self. But what could I do? I was already 3 months pregnant and already sent out invitations.

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The wedding went well which was 85 percent funded by my dad. This is because my husband lied that he had no money. Meanwhile, we don’t live in the same town due to his work.

Our honeymoon was for one month which was for me a bitter-moon because he treated me like trash. He is a serial cheat who once slept with his cousin. I got to know this recently.

Fast forward to when I was 6 months pregnant, he abandoned me for a period of 2 months and three weeks and told me not to come to his base, so my parents were the one looking after me throughout. He didn’t call or send me a message throughout this period. His reason was because I insulted him.

Two weeks to my EDD, I travelled a distance of 3 hours to his place and I delivered my baby there, thanks be to God. However, it has been one fight and another since I put to bed. The last fight was before Christmas. I traveled to my parents’ for the celebrations because he wouldn’t drop a dime anytime we have issues.

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Now, he says he wants a divorce, that he regrets marrying me, and his family has given him the go ahead. I have been emotionally abused severally in this 8 months union and my baby is just 3 months old. What I need to know from you is should I walk away or try to fix things?

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“Dear MIMsters: Should I Walk Away Or Try to Fix Things?”
  • Very typical of men. Do not divorce him but give him space for some time. Separate from him for a while and see how he reacts. His reaction will let you know whether to leave or try to fix it.

  • There’s actually nothing top fix with a man who has decided to divorce you, go back to your parents and try to fix your own life and get a job so that you and your child won’t suffer.

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