Dear MIMsters: Was Giving Him The Red Card After He Did This Right?

Was giving him the red card after he did what I am about to tell you the right thing for me to do?

I am a 31 year old single mum. I have been dating this guy for close to a year now. I’ve known him for 12 years and he had previously wanted a relationship. So, when he showed interest again, I accepted because I thought he was a faithful man.

He had just come out of a cheating relationship then. The woman would cheat and rob it in his face even when they lived together. I knew everything about their relationship as we’ve been there for each other even when we were in our respective relationships.

He loves my girl and she loves him too.

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However, recently, I suspected he was cheating as he wasn’t picking my calls after 8pm. So, I paid him a surprise visit on Sunday. My suspicion was confirmed. I found women’s stuff  strewn all over the place. When I asked, he said it wasn’t what I thought, that his ex wanted a place to stay and since he was travelling, he gave her his keys and that she wasn’t around when he came back. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with what he did except that he didn’t inform me.

He still insists he did not cheat on me but from what I saw at his place on Sunday, it’s evident the woman is still around. I told him it’s over although it breaks my heart for my daughter. I just want to know if y’all  think that I’m doing the right thing. He knows I won’t condone cheating. Thanks in anticipation.

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“Dear MIMsters: Was Giving Him The Red Card After He Did This Right?”
  • My only advise to you is to stop introducing your daughter to any man until you’re sure of the person, so that she won’t keep meeting different guys.

  • There’s nothing wrong with what you did. Women need to stand up and show these men zero tolerance for cheating. No one should condone cheating please.

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