Nursing Mum Panics After Breast Milk Turns Bright Pink… See Reason Why

An unnamed nursing mother noticed something was different with her breast milk when her 16-month-old daughter began acting strangely.

While being fed, according to Mirror, the toddler started pulling at her mum’s nipple and saying “more, more! And as the milk gushed out, she was shocked to see it was bright pink.

The mum then began expressing to see if the milk continued to flow pink, which it did.

Frightened, the mum shared her concerns with other members in the closed Breastfeeders in Australia support group.

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They were initially concerned, asking if the milk may have been coloured due to blood – a blockage or other damage to the mum’s breast.

Then the mum twigged. Turned there was a simple and reassuring explanation.

The mum revealed that over the course of the day, she’d drank fresh beetroot juice, had a salad sandwich with beetroot and then – clearly really into beetroot – polished off the rest of the tin.

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We are what we eat… Beetroot

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Not only did it effect the mum’s breast milk, but it also caused her and her daughter’s urine to go pink too.

Despite the alarming colour, it was still safe for her baby, and confirmed the milk on this occasion tasted very sweet.

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