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Dear MIMsters: My Baby Daddy Who Abandoned Us Is Now Asking For Forgiveness


My baby daddy abandoned me with our son when he was less than a week old. He’s never seen my son since he was born until now when he’s is 10 weeks old. Now he’s asking for forgiveness.

He left because I was always asking him to buy things the baby needs like nappies, medicines, clothes and so on. But he was always telling me that he doesn’t have money until one-day, he sent me a text message telling me to leave him alone and never to call him nor text him. He even changed his line, so, I was not been able to get in contact with him until he called me recently.
He told me that the reason why he left us was because he was confused and was always stressed. He’s back now because he wants me to release him because he knows that I am still angry and pained by the heartbreak he caused and things are no longer working for him.
He lost his job and he’s broke right now, that’s why he’s asking for forgiveness. I’m not ready to forgive him because I’m not working and taking care of a baby alone has not been easy. I was staying up all night crying, praying for strength to take care of this child.
Will I be blamed if I don’t forgive him? Even when I was pregnant, he left once and I nearly lost my child but he came back and fixed things. Now, he has done it again and is asking for forgiveness again. How should I handle this?
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“Dear MIMsters: My Baby Daddy Who Abandoned Us Is Now Asking For Forgiveness”
  • Forgive him so that you will be free as well to move on, it saps a lot outta you to bottle anger and resentment. But treat him with arms length, don’t allow him into your life anymore, if he brings anything for the child, collect and move on.

  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean taking him back into your life. Forgive him for your own piece of mind and make sure he is responsible for his child.

  • God for give us all the time,for give him and let him take care of his responsibility . Don’t give him chance to touch you again.

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