Dear MIMsters: Is My Boyfriend’s Recent Utterances a Red Flag?

Is my boyfriend’s recent utterances a red flag? My boyfriend and I have being in this relationship for more than a year. My family is against our relationship but I took a final decision to be serious and prayed about it.

We’ve been fine until recently when he’s started saying things that are beginning to affect my feelings for him.  Let me replay a few of our random conversations and tell me what you think.
Me: I wish I could get my mom this lace material when I graduate as a token of my appreciation.
Boyfriend: Why should you buy it for her? You should wait until you are working.
Another time was when I requested for money from him to buy few things and this was what he said: “If you were able to lend your brother $400 to get a new phone, how do you expect me to give you money?”
Ironically, this is the same guy to whom I gave $600 to support his professional course, now, he tells me that his is more important while my brother’s is so useless and that he can’t deal with such nonsense.
Should I quit this relationship? Are these warning bells?
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“Dear MIMsters: Is My Boyfriend’s Recent Utterances a Red Flag?”

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