10 Pregnancy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Terundu Joy Ogbugoh

Pregnant women always have their ears full. From family members telling them what to do and what not to do, to well meaning friends and even strangers dishing advice their way. Each and everyone seems to have something to say, something they claim to have experienced personally or has probably happened to someone they know. With all that information, an expectant mother may wonder what is actually true. Which is why, we have separated the facts from the fiction for you.

FACT #1.

Babies start to pee in the uterus from the second trimester ( week 13 – 28)  and they consume the urine as they swallow the amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is the liquid that surrounds and protects the baby inside the womb. It also helps in developing the bones and joints of the foetus.

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FACT #2.

Babies can hear their mum talk, laugh, breath and make other movements from within the womb, including the sounds her digestive system makes. Once the baby develops the ability to hear which usually happens from the 18th week, the baby can pick up on sounds from within and outside the mother’s body.

FACT #3.

Babies can recognize their mother’s voice at birth. All that time spent listening to mum while in the womb made the foetus familiar with the mother’s voice. And once born, the baby can actually recognize the voice of it’s mother when she speaks. Little wonder why mummy’s voice always has such a calming effect on her baby.

FACT #4.

It is safe to have sex with your partner up until you go into labour. As long as your pregnancy is without complications, normal and at low risk, then you have nothing to worry about.

You should abstain from sex only if your Doctor says it is unhealthy for your pregnancy.

FACT #5.

Exercising can induce labour. Simple exercises such as squats, lunges, and even walking and can push your baby further down into your uterus, dilate your Cervix, ease the pains of labour and shorten the delivery process.

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FACT #6.

Babies cry in the womb. Not because they are feeling sad or for any particular reason. Maybe just practicing.

FACT #7.

You know how pregnant women love to rub their stomach in circular motions? A baby can feel that touch within the womb. When you do that, you are unconsciously giving your baby a bit of a massage and you can best believe that she loves the feeling.

#FACT 8.

If your pregnancy is around that time where your baby is ready to pop, then rubbing your nipple in various motions can actually induce labour. Your partner can stimulate your nipple with his tongue or you can roll the nipples with your fingers in circular motions.

Th act of rubbing the nipple releases a hormone called Oxytocin, which is responsible for initiating labour. Pitocin  which is injected into the woman’s body by the Doctor at the Hospital to induce or hasten up contractions is similar to Oxytocin. But while Oxytocin is naturally produced by the body, Pitocin is the synthetic drug created to imitate one of the functions of Oxytocin, which is to start labour.

FACT #9.

Semen contains a hormone called  prostaglandins, and this hormone helps to soften (efface) the Cervix, making it easier for the Cervix to contract and dilate.

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FACT #10.

The Cervix of a pregnant woman is tightly closed up by a mucus plug that sits at the of the Cervix. The mucus plug  prevents bacteria and Sperm from getting into the Uterus.

The mucus plug off when the Cervix begins to soften and dilate. The falling off of this mucus is what is commonly referred to as “Show”.

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