Do Children In Nigeria Spend Too Much Time In School? Twitter User Expresses Concern

A Nigerian woman, on Twitter has raised concern about the huge amount of time children in the country spend studying, rather than learning other skills?

The woman identified as Lolo Cynthia expressed that the Nigerian school system takes too much time from students who are suppose to learn other skills which will enable them cope in the real world.


See what she wrote below….

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”Children in Nigeria spend too much time in school.. They need rest. School from 8 -4 pm.. Then assignment that takes another 2 hours.

If you taking a federal exam – Saturday extra lesson. Then summer lesson during holidays again IT IS TOO MUCH!,” she wrote.

”When do they have time to engage in other Affairs? How do they develop other skills ?? School and church has become the only social setting set out for them. We need to do better.

Have you seen how kids who come back from boarding house sleep all day? They are exhausted!! My 10 yr old sister is doing assignment till 11am. Wakes up 5am today continue.. They are “training ” her for common entrance.

The girl is not getting rest to allow her concentrate in school.. This is the same for so many kids.”

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And others supported her views, giving instances. See below…

”When I start having kids, damn whatever the school thinks, I’m pulling my kids out at 2pm!. They need playtime as much as study time. Whatever they can’t teach between 8am -2pm, they should forget.

I’ll also place an embargo on excess assignments!,” one angry user commented.

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