Dear MIMsters: I Told Him the Truth and It Backfired

I met my boyfriend 8 years ago to be precise. I told him the truth about something I did and it backfired.

We had an issue, something came up between us and we just stopped talking to each other but we didn’t break up.

Please note that we always have misunderstandings because he’s a very strict and stubborn human who is very swift to anger.

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Last year April, I met another guy through a friend of mine. Even though I didn’t really like him, my friend convinced me to give him a trial saying that I need to have someone. So, we started dating. As the relationship progressed, I got to know that he’s not a truthful person. He told me he was not in any relationship when I met him, but all of a sudden, a woman would call him asking if he has eaten and all that.

When I confronted him, at first, he tried to deny it but later, he admitted they were in a relationship before we met. I let this pass. Little did I know that I was already pregnant for him.

A week later, my former boyfriend called and begged me to come back to him and we reconciled and we restarted our relationship.

I told him about the last guy I was with and we soredt things out. Later, I found out that I was pregnant and immediately went for an abortion. I didn’t tell my boyfriend because I know he’s very swift to anger and I don’t want to loose him again.

He invited me over to his house and while making out, he saw breast milk coming out of my breasts. He asked if I’d just had an abortion but I lied to him because I didn’t want him to be angry and to avoid any further problems.

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He just called me last night to ask me again about the breast milk coming out of my breast and I opened up and told him the truth. Since then, he has been angry with me and won’t pick my calls. Meanwhile, we planned getting married this time.

What should I do about this now as I am in my late 20s.

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