Dear MIMsters: Is My Dear Husband Using Me to Enrich Himself

I really need advice because I’m losing it. Is my husband using me to enrich himself?

My husband has been the one taking care of all our financial issues including fending for my family until in 2016, when things went rough with his business. He owns a shop and we live abroad.

He told me to bear with him because he wants to open another shop. Things were extremely rough and I was pregnant with my second child. I used all my savings to shop for our unborn child because he didn’t give me any money or show any concern due to his projet of getting another shop.

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He was able to get the shop last year but our finances went from bad to worse that I had to enroll my 4 months old son in a creche so I could work.

Since I started working, I have been the one paying for our feeding, clothing our kids, paying health insurance bills, phone bills and the fees of the creche, while my husband paid house rent, cars insurance, light bills and our daughter’s school fees.

The problem is that, after owning the 2nd shop, he told me that he wants to own a 3rd shop and after that, everything will be fine with our finances. He finally opened the shop some time last year but things have gone from bad to worse.

I had to loan him some money to pay our rent and electricity bills on 2 occasions . Now he says he wants to open the 4th and 5th shop this year and is bent on opening them. He has not been able to pay our house rents, light bills, nor our daughter’s school fees for the past 2 months because all his money goes into his projets of opening other shops.

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I’m really fed up with his attitude and don’t know how to handle this. He said everything will be fine once he is able to open the 4th and 5th shop but he said that before and didn’t keep to it. How do I handle this?

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“Dear MIMsters: Is My Dear Husband Using Me to Enrich Himself”
  • Stay calm and wait and see what happens after the 4th and 5th shop after all he has been the one holding the family up until 2016. So stay chill and hope for the best.

  • Do a little detective work.
    He may be honest with you or otherwise. You any really be sure without a little covert work.
    This should not be done in a way that will undermine your marriage.
    All the best.

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