What a Son Allegedly Did to His Father Over Pocket Money is Heartbreaking…. DETAILS

One of the basic responsibility of a parent is to provide for their children. While there are deadbeat parents, there are involved parents who take their responsibilities as providers seriously. There are also those who can only meet the needs of their children halfway, given the resources available to them.

A Nigerian father yet to be identified, has taken to the social media platform to reveal how he got a severe beating from his son simply because he refused to add to the pocket money he had given him.

According to his post on Facebook, after giving his two children some money for school, his son demanded for more and went ahead to beat his father when his demand was not met.

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The battered father who labeled his son ‘worthless’, shared photos of his injured body and wrote:

“Friends & relatives look at what a worthless son did to me after giving him #136,000 for school & his younger sister, 95k. He did this while demanding for extra 25k, which l also promised him by February ending.”

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“What a Son Allegedly Did to His Father Over Pocket Money is Heartbreaking…. DETAILS”

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