Upcoming Actress Uchenna Uba Spews on Why “a woman is incomplete without marriage?

Up and coming Nollywood actress and Scriptwriter, Uchenna Uba, has revealed that no woman can be complete without marriage.

The 25-year-old Anambra state indigene made the assertion in an interview with Vanguard, saying;

“I’m not married yet but I’m in a relationship. I’m an Igbo girl and with the way I was brought up, I agree that a woman is incomplete without marriage.

Regardless of how much a woman makes or her level of success, she is incomplete without a husband, but that does not mean a woman has to rush into marriage because of this.”

Read excerpts from the interview…

People are of the opinion that actresses are promiscuous, how true is this?I can’t talk for everybody but not all actresses are promiscuous. People see us in this light because of our job, they tend to forget that what we do is make-believe and as professionals we must do it well.

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Why do actresses live beyond their means?

I don’t think it’s just actresses; it happens everywhere, everyone that pretends will definitely live above their income.

Do you think social media influence should be a measure of wealth?

First of all, whatever you see on social media is a scam. For example, before I go on set a costumier will dress me up, a makeup artist will make me up and I will also have my pictures taken, I will eventually post the picture on social media, does that mean I’m the owner of the clothes and all?

If you judge by what you see on social media, you will end up being disappointed, because people posts what they want you to see. I like to meet people before passing judgement.

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How and when did your journey into acting begin?

That will be in 2010, I was doing a part-time course in Awka at the time. I attended an audition and was given a minor role of a bartender. I was so excited about the experience because it was a dream come true.

I kept on going for auditions and eventually I got a role for my second movie but when it was time to shoot I was placed on a condition to sleep with the director before I would be given my script.

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I was disappointed at this and I cried so hard, the executive producer of the movie saw me crying and I told him about what had happened, eventually I was given my script and instead of appearing in about six scenes only, I appeared in over fourteen scenes and here I am today.

Photo credit: Vanguard

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