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For Better, For Worse! Devoted Husband Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversary With Wife in Coma (Photos)

A 78-year-old devoted husband has proven that he takes his vows  for better, for worse; in health, and in sickness seriously by showing his love and dedication to his wife who is in a coma.

According to the Qianjiang Evening News, the Chinese man, known by his surname Feng, put a golden ring on his wife’s finger as he celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in her hospital ward in Haining, Zhejiang Province.

His 73-year-old wife, Wang, has been under intensive care for three years; and to help her recover, her darling husband comes to the hospital every day to hold her hand and talk to her.

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The emotional ceremony had been planned as a surprise by the medical staff, who treated the elderly couple as their own family. Mr Feng said he was deeply moved by the staff’s kindness, and miraculously, Ms Wang’s heart rate increased from around 70 to around 110 beats per minute during the ceremony.

During the heart-warming event on February 7, Mr Feng not only gave his wife a new ring, but also cut a wedding cake. The members of staff of the Hospital took pictures for the couple as Mr Feng stood by his wife’s bed looking at her lovingly.

Speaking of Ms Wang’s ordeal, sources claim she was knocked into a coma in July, 2014, after suffering from a stroke.

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Apparently, it had always been a dream for Mr Feng and his wife to be able to have a set of ‘romantic’ wedding pictures taken. The couple got married in 1960s and didn’t have the luxury to do so at the time.

Although unconventional, their new ‘wedding photos’ were full of love. Mr Feng believed his wife was happy when a nurse took the pictures for them.

”I feel she could feel it because she had big reactions. Her opened her eyes bigger than usual as if she wanted to see the moment and remember it,” Mr Feng told Qianjiang Evening News.

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Head nurse Zhou Juping said she and her staff felt Mr Feng and Ms Wang had become their family after three years.

”Normally there is really not much we could do, but as long as there is an opportunity we would help them as best as we can,” Nurse Zhou said:

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The nurse recalled how Mr Feng would come to the ward just to hold his wife’s hand. The elderly man also loved talking about household stuff with his wife, hoping a familiar voice could help her regain consciousness.

Earlier this month, hospital staff overheard the man saying the couple were welcoming their golden wedding anniversary and he hoped to have some pictures taken with his wife.

Doctors and nurses decided to help him realise his wish by organising a special ceremony.

The couple’s wedding ceremony falls on February 20 – the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. The staff decided to hold the ceremony two weeks earlier to make sure they could buy the cake and decorations from shops.

The head nurse even bought the couple a set of wedding rings with money out of her own pocket.

Mr Feng burst into tear on the day: ”I thank them so much. I’m so touched.”

Head nurse Zhou told the reporter: ”We were strangers before, but Ms Wang’s sickness has brought us together” adding that it had been her pleasure to support and care for the elderly couple.

Photo credit: AsiaWire

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