Emotional Message From Cancer Stricken Nigerian Mom, Shortly Before She Died, Will Motivate You

A Nigerian man and Instagram user @Mr_Schmooze, took to the platform to share his mom’s motivational message just before she died of breast cancer.

The proud son who shared a video of his mom, disclosed that she died following a 2-year battle with breast cancer.

In the video, the cancer stricken woman who was in high spirits spoke passionately. Surrounded by her young children, she saids, “is not the news that is bad, but it is the spirit with which you receive the news with that defines how bad it is.”

She further said, “whatever one is passing through, he/she should try to see good news in it. When you’re able to take your bad news as good news, you’ll be able to build up your faith, and overcome.”

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Here’s what he wrote, alongside the video;

”Inspiration for anyone dealing with this soap opera called life. My mum passed on 2 weeks after this recording, following a 2-year battle with breast cancer.

Beloved’s Day 13-2-13. “It’s not the news, It’s how you receive it”.

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Here’s the video below;

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Are you making the most of every minute spent with your family & friends? Are you wasting precious time holding grudges & keeping malice?? 25/10/11 – Can recall that day, like it was just yesterday. Was at Heathrow, going back to uni for my final year & Mum wouldn't stop crying… I couldn't make sense of it. This wasn't my first time going away to school. Infact I had been living away from home since my Junior Secondary days in 2002. However, It was the first holiday I spent at home after she got diagnosed with cancer. Looking back at it now, I've only just realised the real reason she was so emotional, was because she feared that might have been our last time together. Thankfully we spent another year & a few months together. Believe me when I say, my mum made the most of every minute we spent together. My close friends can testify to the bizarre & unorthodox things we did together. 🙄 Nearly 5 years after, these are the memories I hold on to & remember my mother with. Moral of the story? Enjoy & Cherish every moment spent with family and friends. That'll leave no room for regrets when the inevitable eventually happens. Never take that grace for granted. 😊

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