Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong Kind of Bra

Ineh Olisah

Wearing the wrong size of bra puts you at a risk of ending up with sagging boobs and stretch marks. This happens when the breast tissue and ligaments are overstretched as age and the law of gravity sets in. Wearing a bra that gives you the right kind of support may prevent them from sagging, but if they are already sagged, a properly fitted bra will help give you the illusion of firm boobs.

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There are two parts to your bra size: your band size, which is the measurement around your ribcage and back right under your breasts (also known as the number part of your bra size), and your cup size. The band is one of the most important factors of your bra, but is usually overlooked by cup size. The band gives your bust support while the cups simply give you the comfort of fit.

Wearing an ill-fitting bra can give you an unfaltering appearance, hence the need to have your bra fitted. If you have never gone for a bra fitting, then you are probably using the wrong bra. If you have gone up one size or more or your body shape has changed, then so should your bra. Here are signs you are wearing the wrong sized bra….

It is too tight or small if…

  1. the band cuts into your skin and leaves marks in its wake. Find a bra with another band size. Meanwhile, if the underwire cuts into your skin, then find a bra with a bigger  cup size.
  2. the gore of your bra does not rest flatly against your chest. The gore is that little piece fabric that holds your bra cups together in front.  If the gore of your bra is away from your skin, it means the bra cups are too small and need to move up a cup size so that the band is able to give you proper support.
  3. you have any parts of your breasts jutting out from underneath or around the cups or of your bra. Then you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that you need a bigger cupped bra. A too small cup size is not only uncomfortable but causes the unflattering ‘four boob’ bulge. If this is happening you need to go up a cup size.

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It is too loose or large if…

  1. you can pull the band more than a couple of inches away from your back. This probably means your bra moves about throughout the day. Therefore, you need to step down a band size.
  2. you find any wrinkles or extra fabrics crumpled at the top of the cups after wearing a bra. A perfect fitting bra would not crumple. It means that the cups of your bra are too wide for your chest. So, fine one with a smaller cup. This usually doesn’t look good under clothes.
  3. the twins still look sagged while you have a bra on, girl, you know there are
  4. the back of the bra keeps slipping off and riding up like ‘oshodi oke’. The perfect bra should fit snugly without the back part riding up and slipping off.
  5. your bra hurts you. A perfect fitting bra should not cause you grief. It should be comfortable enough for you.
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