Dear MIMsters: I don’t Want My Husband To Think I Hate His Brother

I don’t my husband to think that I hate his brother. What is the best possible way to handle this?

My brother in law has been living with my husband even before hubby and I got married.

After our wedding, hubby opened up a business for his brother, my BIL and when it was time for him to renew the rent of his his shop, he couldn’t. Hubby had to pay for his rent.

Before the opening of his store, he had tried processing his travel papers abroad three good times but they failed. Which was why hubby decided to help him start a business. It was done with the hope that after one year of doing running his store, without any stories, BIL should be able to raise money to process his travel documents.

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Surprisingly, when BIL was asked to render accounts of his business, he could only account for N160,000. This is a business that started with the initial outlay of more than a million Naira, meanwhile his store is close to empty. And that was it, as my husband did nothing to him apart from telling his older siblings about it.

BIL didn’t even pick or return the calls of their older siblings, so no one could reach him. May I add that during this one year period of running the shop, BIL never bore any financial responsibility at home. This guy is so stingy that even if there is no petrol to power the generator when my husband is not home,  BIL will never offer to buy petrol to refill.

I am still wondering where did all the money go.

My problem now is that my husband is planning to use his personal savings for BIL’s travel plans. Not only that, he has placed this same BIL in charge of his (hubby’s) new store.

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Meanwhile, I who had a baby 3 months ago, my husband has no plans for me or our baby, not that I know of (like opening a savings account for the baby).

I need advice from you all on how to handle this issue without making my husband feel like I hate his brother.

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“Dear MIMsters: I don’t Want My Husband To Think I Hate His Brother”
  • Please allow him sponsor his brother so he can leave and you and your husband will have peace. But tell your hubby if this fails again, it will be the last he will be helping him because he can’t be enabling him to be lazy.

  • Mon just spoke my mind, if this boy continue living with you he will still be a nuisance in your home. Let him process the paper and let him go and face realities of life.

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