Honey Boo Boo Reality Star, Shannon, on Being a Mom at 18

Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon had her first child, a baby girl who she named Ella Grace with her fiance Josh Efird, on Friday, December 8, 2017.

The star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Mama June From Not to Hot is enjoying being a new mom.

Lauryn recently spoke to Us Weekly and shared all about how life is for her now being a mom. She revealed all including her relationship with Josh, her family and being a mom at the age of 18.

This may be young to be a parent, but Pumpkin seems to be handling it all just fine.

It was gathered that Pumpkin and her mom, June have had their arguments as everyone has seen on the reality show, but when “Pumpkin” gave birth to Ella, her mom was in the room with her along with Josh.

While she was in labor for over 24 hours, the new mother did admit the process wasn’t as bad as she expected. “The hardest thing about having a baby was having to push,” she said.

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The young mom seems to be fitting into the role of being a mom just fine. She has had a younger sister around, plus her nieces so being around babies isn’t new to her. She actually shared how she feels about her daughter in details.

“The thing that has surprised me the most is how many diapers you go through,” Shannon says, noting that they go through 10-15 a day. “They don’t come cheap either!”

“I honestly didn’t know that I could love a little person so much. I want her to grow up and not listen to what others have to say, and if she wants to do something, go after it!”

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Pumpkin is still living at home with Mama June, which makes things easier for her. On a recent episode of Mama June From Not to Hot she moved out and tried to find an apartment, but it looks like she realized that being at home was the best thing for now.

According to her, the best advice her mother has given her as a new mom is to sleep when the baby is sleeping.

She said her mom “absolutely loves Ella!” The viewers have seen Mama June with her other granddaughters on the show and that isn’t shocking at all.

”Baby Ella Grace has been sleeping a lot and doesn’t cry too much – just when she’s hungry or sick. Living with Mama June has helped a lot, too, since she “absolutely loves Ella!”

“I’m not gonna say it’s easy being a young mother. It is a hard process, but I’ve grown into it,” she adds.

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Pumpkin has big plans for her future. She wants to go to school for cosmetology and eventually wants four children with Josh. The plan was to have kids young, but not as young as she did.

Pumpkin and Josh do want to get married, but they are going to wait until Ella is a bit older before tying the knot. She was very honest about being a teen mom and her advice for others.

“I don’t condone teen pregnancy but I like the fact that I’m going to be able to grow up with my daughter.”

Photo Credit: Ben Rollins

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