Dear MIMsters: What I Discovered From My Husband’s Chats Is Nothing Short of an Abomination.

Please do not use abusive words on me or on my husband. What I need is advice on how to handle this abomination that I stumbled upon from my husband’s chats.

I realize and accept that life is not fair. The only man I love so much in my life is in love with another woman who happens to be married with lovely kids. I discovered this when I came across their chats. My husband told the woman that he loves her with everything in his life.

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From her response, I could tell that the woman loves my hubby more. She pled for his help to stop picking up her so she could get over him. She told him that every second of her life is spent thinking of him and that she loves him with everything in her life.

At the same time she said that she loves her husband too cannot run away from him. She told my hubby not to call her or text her because of her hubby. I just cannot write everything she told him here.

My husband literarily worships her picture which made me carry out my investigation about her. When I asked hubby about her, he told me nothing but lies. Upon discovering the truth by myself, he then admitted that she was his ex-girlfriend. That they go way back from their University days.

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He said the chat was just a play chat that he has nothing to do with a married woman and that the thought of marrying her has never come to his mind. But in the chat, he told the woman to divorce her hubby and come away with him and that their children will be OK.

Looking at the date of when most of the chats took place, they happened mostly when we were still courting and up to 4 year after my wedding. But for some reasons, he found it difficult to delete all their conversations and her pictures.

Apart from this married woman, I found out that there is another woman who he calls his sweet baby and asked her to meet him on one weekend. He sent a Valentine message to her while me who woke up in the same house with him did not get anything from him, not even a message for Valentine.

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Right now, I feel miserable and worthless. The way he hides his phone away from me is what pricked my curiosity to look for answers. His phone is his best friend. If he is on the phone chatting, our children won’t even be allowed to interrupt him.

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“Dear MIMsters: What I Discovered From My Husband’s Chats Is Nothing Short of an Abomination.”

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