Nanny To The Rescue: How Can I Tell My Baby Is Ready To Be Potty-trained?

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Q: What age is it appropriate to start my baby on potty training? Are there signs I should watch out for to decipher that he’s ready for the potty?

Most children are ready between 22-30 months old. However, potty-training success depends more on physical and emotional readiness than a specific age. Starting the process too early may make it take longer to train your child.

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He may be ready if the answers to all or most of the questions below are positive:

-Does he seem interested in the potty chair, toilet or wearing underwear?

-Does he possess mastery of basic motor skills?

-Can he understand and follow basic directions?

-Does he tell you through words, facial expressions or posture when he needs to toilet?

-Does he stay dry for periods of two hours or longer during the day?

-Does he complain about wet or dirty diapers?

-Can he pull his pants down and back up?

-Can he sit on and rise from a potty chair?

If your answers are mostly negative, you might want to wait a little more.

Q: My 5-year-old son who has been potty-trained for over two years has started wetting his bed. Is this normal?

Bed-wetting is not unusual for children this age and often times, they outgrow it. Boys are usually more prone to it than girls.

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Notwithstanding, get a paediatrician’s evaluation and advice.

Meanwhile, be supportive, discourage late meals and heavy consumption of fluids in the evening, and wake him up at regular intervals during the night.

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