Dear MIMsters: I Am Troubled By What a Church Member Said About My Pregnancy

I need some words of encouragement as I am troubled by an utterance made by a church member about my pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage in 2016 and exactly one year after, God blessed us with another pregnancy. I

have been so happy and everyone around me has been so supportive. I am 23 weeks gone now, yet my tummy still looks so small even though I feel my baby kicking inside me.

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To add to my worry, a church member walked over to me and asked me if I was pregnant and I happily said yes. She said but I never told her about my pregnancy. I replied that I only tell people who ask me.

She was seated right next to me in church when the announcement of an upcoming program was made. Then, I said thank God the program will be coming up after I stop working. This woman immediately turned to me and asked how far gone my pregnancy was. I told her that as far gone enough for me to stop working.

Then she asked me if everything was OK with my baby because my tummy really looks small. Since then, in as much as I have tried to remain positive and calm, her question keeps bugging my mind, making me afraid.

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Nevertheless, all my ultrasound results show that my baby is growing perfectly OK while my midwife and doctor have also made me understand that we are both doing fine.

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“Dear MIMsters: I Am Troubled By What a Church Member Said About My Pregnancy”
  • Please don’t be worried unnecessary over nothing, we all have different body structure and our tummy protrude differently…what matters the most is the report of your gynecologist and that of God…please speak positively to your will end in praises in Jesus name..

  • Pls learn to ignore n avoid such pple, they r just dere to bring u down n make u feel bad. Many pregnant women wiv big tummies ll envy u for ur small long as ur doc had said u r fine, stop worrying abt what pple say. U did even pray against evil eyes, let God blind dem.

  • Why are you letting the questions of a mere mortal trouble you? Abeg don’t stress your beautiful baby with yeye thoughts. Wishing you a safe delivery.

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