8 Key Qualities of A Great Parent (Two)

Good parenting doesn’t come on a platter of gold. It takes deliberate and consistent effort. We serve you some sterling qualities you should have to steer the wheel in the right direction.

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5. Mentoring and Role Modelling: You are your child’s first hero and role model. Most times, young children like to be like mum or dad. They look up to you for guidance and direction which makes you their first mentor and role model. Model the kind of character you want your children to emulate. They do what they see you do and not just what they hear you say. Again, action speaks louder than words. Mentoring is a deliberate act to inspire them to be the best they can in all facets.

6. Accessibility: You are your child’s parent, not your their boss, so there has to be free interaction characterized by mutual respect between you. Your kids need to feel they can talk to you, play, share jokes, watch a movie, have fun dates, feel at ease and be themselves with you, so you always have to make yourself available by dedicating quality time to be part of it all, hectic work routine or not. Be approachable, they should be able to let off their guards whenever around you.

7. Patience: No parent can really get enough of this, you just have to keep working on not losing your cool when they endlessly test boundaries, so you can form a better informed perspective on handling issues.

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8. Sensitivity and flexibility: You must be able to identify each child’s uniqueness, weaknesses and strengths and employ approaches that suit and affirm each child to bring out the best in them. You should be able to keep discovering and modifying several effective parenting techniques to suit your parenting objectives as well as your child’s unique personality.

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