Man Forced Into an Arranged Marriage at 24 Recounts How He Ended the Union

A man is recounting how his family members forced him into an early marriage that was arranged by them.

According to Yusuf, his family believes that when a male child has a job and is earning an income, however little, then he’s ready for marriage. His family members thought since he was 24 years already old and had a good job, he is ripe for marriage.

So, they arranged a woman whom he was married off to before given the opportunity to get to know her or even fall in love with her. He said they encouraged him to persevere in the union that with time, love will come.

However, he found it difficult to love the woman after the marriage. Even though he tried so much to love her, the feeling just wouldn’t come.

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He summoned courage and had a talk with his wife who also admitted she felt the same way.

Read his full story below as shared ONLINE;

“I got married when I was 24 years. My family believes that when a male child has a job and he’s earning money no matter how little, then he’s ready for marriage.

It was an arranged marriage, I wasn’t given the opportunity to get to know her. My parents said ‘She’s from a good family and that’s the most important thing’. We got married and I tried to love her but found it very difficult. She wasn’t my type of woman.

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I spoke to my parents about it but they wouldn’t hear of it, they said ‘Give it more time Yusuf’ and I did, yet the love didn’t come. I got the courage and spoke to the woman I got married to about how I felt and she said she felt the same way.

She said she had someone she loved and wasn’t happy being married to me. We spoke about it and we finally decided to go our separate ways.

There wasn’t much our families could do to keep us together, so they let us separate.

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She’s now married to the love of her life and she has 2 kids. I saw her last week and she looked very happy. I am yet to find someone though, but I know I will soon.”

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