Dear MIMsters: My Ex, Chibueze Wants Me Back. Is He Genuine?

I’m the South African woman dating the Nigerian guy, Chibueze. (Read previous story here).
Before our trip to Nigeria was planned, I was pregnant for him. Six weeks later, I discovered that I had a blighted ovum and had to wait for spontaneous abortion to take place.
The plans of going to Nigeria did not even see the light of the day because he didn’t have any money. When he found out I was pregnant, he would come to my house everyday. I went back to my house because he spent the night doing  Yahoo Yahoo!
Chibueze started asking me to marry me so his work permit could be easily renewed. I blatantly refused and after I lost the pregnancy, he stopped coming to my house, stopped calling me and didn’t even care to come see me as I was going through severe pain.
Unknown to me, he had taken another victim of the registry who signed their marriage certificate. He blamed me for causing it because I refused to help him. 
He was going from one place to the other, one hotel to the other to spend the night with his new woman. Out of the blues, he just called me to tell me that he wants to stop processing his permit and wants me to help him to also come see my parents because the wife he married for paper is demanding lobola (bride price) and a wedding in church but he doesn’t want all these.
He told me that the woman is 45 while he’s 38, and she’s demanding he pays back all the money he’s borrowed from her. Chibueze wants to stop the marriage from going on in fear of this woman. I need final advice seriously I’m shocked and confused and I’m still not yet fully healed from what he did to me.
I admit I still love him but when things are going this way, I don’t know what to do or think.
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“Dear MIMsters: My Ex, Chibueze Wants Me Back. Is He Genuine?”

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