Why VP, Yemi Osinbajo Daughter’s Wedding Will Be Low Key

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is insisting that his daughter, Oluwadamilola, who will be getting married to Oluseun Bakare, a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God and son of billionaire business woman Hajia Bola Shagaya will have a low key wedding.

The wedding will be holding on March 17, 2018.

The Cable reveals that this is coming against the backdrop of sharp criticism that followed the wedding of Fatima Ganduje (daughter of governor Ganduje of Kano state) and Idris Ajimobi (son of governor Ajimobi of Oyo state) on Saturday.

The ceremony, attended by President Muhammadu Buhari and 22 state governors, drew the anger of Nigerians who felt the kidnap of 110 schoolgirls in Dapchi and an upsurge in Boko Haram killings should have necessitated a sober celebration.

The father of three, who will be turning 61 in two days, is said to be concerned about the “mood of the nation” and has warded off pressures to hold a “grand wedding” for his daughter.

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But expectations that it will be a high-society wedding have been doused. A family insider told news outlet;

“Left to the VP and his wife, it would have been the smallest and simplest of ceremonies, taking place in their backyard, especially given the current mood of the nation.

“Nonetheless the VP seems to be swimming against a rather strong tide. For instance the VP’s position compels him to inform and invite dignitaries, many of who will cry blue murder if left out of the invitations.

“But for a man known for his unassuming nature and humble mien, these circumstances have invited the dilemma of how to moderate the occasion and balance out the wedding outlook considering the current mood of the nation.”

Bola Shagaya.

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It was also learnt that Osinbajo “has firmly concluded” on doing everything, except the church service, within the state house.

“This should by itself limit the crowd and ensure that the event is not blown out of proportion,” the source said.

The invitation cards are unusually hard to come by as Osinbajo has refused to circulate them until late.

We reported some weeks ago that Damilola Osinbajo will be getting married to Oluseun Bakare.

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The Vice President also confirmed the news when he took to his Instagram page to confirm that his eldest daughter, Damilola is set to wed her beau.

”With joy and praise to the Lord, Dolly and I announce the betrothal of our daughter Oludamilola Osinbajo to Oluseun Bakare,” he wrote.

We can only wish the pair a blissful union.

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