Dear MIMsters: I’m Dating a White Man And Our Differences Are Many

I started dating an English guy 6 months ago. I am based in the UK but this is my first time of being with a white guy and I am beginning to find out that our differences are many.

He is very loving and it’s been great so far but there are certain things he does that is gradually putting me off. For example, he thinks that he doesn’t need to bath twice a day like we Africans do.

He prefers to use a mouthwash instead of brushing his teeth. I always have to remind him to brush. He says I am not affectionate as he wants to cuddle me all night which sometimes makes me uncomfortable especially when I’m tired.

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He wants to kiss me when we we wake up and I don’t feel comfortable with this. So, he complains that I don’t love him.

Lastly, he prefers me not to work so I can go out with him to rugby, cinemas, gym and the rest. He justs wants me to be available. I can’t afford not to work because I have got to take care of my mum back home. So, I’m confused. Is this how it is dating a white man? I am trying to cope but I just want to know from others Mimsters on this platform who are married to white people. He is a good person and I do not want to lose him. Should I adjust or not?

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“Dear MIMsters: I’m Dating a White Man And Our Differences Are Many”
  • Please come and swap with me or my aunt Samson folashade, it is true that he that has a head doesn’t have a cap, meaning you don’t know the worth of what you have.

  • We Africans bath twice because of our weather. How do you expect someone to bath twice with all that cold? Just because he doesn’t bath twice don’t mean he is dirty. I use to have my reservations about kissing first thing in the morning before brushing but I got used to it and it is nothing. Please get used to these things because they are no issues at all. Cuddling actually kills depression, relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

  • My dear I’m not sure you really love this guy all this are not big deals of difference just make him understand why you need to work with love all will be settle,pls enjoy all the romantic attitude while it last.

  • My opinion is that u should have a heart to heart talk with him and make him understand u have to work. But as for the rest that is no issue it is what we call LOVE ❤. He loves u very much. Just talk to him with love and he will understand

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