If Babies Could Talk, 20 Things They Would Have Told You


Have you ever wondered the things your baby would say to you if she could actually talk? I know I have.

Listening to babies coo and gurgle is so cute! Sometimes they babble so hard that you are sure they are trying to tell you something. Even though they cannot talk, their wide eyed expressions, angry wails, or happy loud squeals often makes mummy wonder what the little munchkin is thinking, feeling and definitely trying to communicate.

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Below are the possible things your baby would say to you if she could talk:

1. Mummy I’ve been sitting in my own poop for a while now, please change my diaper already!!

2. I know you are trying to go out without me, but I really don’t want to be left alone with the nanny! I will cry till you take me along. Aaarrrggghhh!!

3. I have been trying to tell you, no bassinets! Just keep me next to you, it’s cozier.

4. Here we go again, I’m not going to stop hearing about the  long hours you spent in the labour room for a really long time to come, am I?.

5. I am sorry I cry so much at night, it just gets so quiet and lonely around here.

6. I am really not feeling hot, please take off my socks and extra clothings.

7. Mummy where are you? Why am I lying here in my rocker all by myself in front of this Television? I’m just gonna cry until you come and pick me up.

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8. Thanks for changing my diapers but you might want to change it again, I think I just pooped, I wasn’t done the first time.

9. Thanks for feeding me for the fourth time in a few hours, but guess what? I’m hungry again!!

10. Oh mummy, you look so tired, me too, it was a really long nine months in your tummy.

11. I really didn’t mean to throw up on you, but you forgot to burp me after my feed.

12. Yes, I was dozing but I’m  not ready to be put down just yet. Lying in your arms is much more fun, pick me up now mummy!!!

13. The smell of your perfume makes me sick, please get rid of it!

14. I see you are having a great time with your friends at this public function, and I know how much you don’t like to breastfeed me in public, but im hungry so get your boobies out!

15. Can we skip my immunizations like never ever have to take them again? Those syringes hurt!!!

16. Do you really have to sniff my bum to check if I popped? We are in public mum, you are embarrassing me!

17. Can I suck your boob forever and ever and ever? I know you say I do it too much but mummy your milk is the best!

18. Can you please brush your teeth before kissing me every morning and talking so closely to my face? thank you.

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19. Oh! you are eating. Well, I’m just going to scream until you stop eating and come, feed me.

20. I see you tiptoeing out of the room, feeling relieved that I am asleep. I’m going to start crying in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!

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