Obasanjo @ 81 Shares His Major Regret in Life: “How I wish they had waited…”

Former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, while speaking at the celebration of his 81st birthday in Abeokuta, took a retrospective look at his life as he mentioned what he considers to be the major regret in his life.

According to Punch, the two-time Nigerian leader who clocked 81 years on Monday, 5th of March, stated that the early death of his parents and their failure to enjoy the fruits of the sacrifice they made while raising him continues to make him sad.

Obasanjo said he wished his parents lived long to witness his success in life.

”One thing I always miss and remember is that my parents left this world too early. The sacrifice they made, they did not wait to see the results. How I wish they had waited to see and eat fruits of their labour.”

Olusegun Obasanjo (right), his wife, Bola and Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun during his 81st birthday celebrations

Obasanjo who has had the rare opportunity of ruling Nigeria as a military head of state and a two-term civilian president, said he draws consolation from the Yoruba belief that the dead always look behind to see happenings after them on earth, and with that belief, he said he was sure his late parents would still be happy in their graves even now.

“But going by what Yoruba believe and say, that the dead always watch over their beloved ones and see happenings around them, I am convinced that my parents are happy in their graves, as they watch over me,” he said.

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On his special day, the celebrant said he would continue to appreciate, praise adore and worship God, just as he admitted that all those who worked and are still working with him are loyal.

Chief Obasanjo also extended some words of appreciation to his aides and workers, saying without them, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve all he has accomplished in life.

He equally lamented the failure of leadership in Nigeria and Africa, arguing that God had not created bad situation for either Nigeria or Africa.

He, however, said concerted efforts must be made to correct this, so that the country and the continent of Africa could witness a new dawn of development.

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“I do not believe God has created a bad situation for Nigeria, no, or for any part of Africa, no. When things are not going on right, we must blame ourselves and these are issues of leadership, governance, development and values. And these are things we must take seriously and make sure we get them right.”

He advised people to serve humanity, noting that it is when humanity is serve that one can serve God, adding that he did not believe that God has created a bad situation for Nigeria, or in any particularly country in Africa.

“We must be able to serve humanity, if we can’t serve humanity, we can’t serve God. I do not believe God had created bad situation for Nigeria, or any particular country in Africa. If things are not going right, we must blame ourselves,” he said.

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