Dear MIMsters: Girls Abuse Girls Too: My Story

I would like to correct an impression that is putting the lives of many children in jeopardy. People think that only male pedophiles or kids molest children. Children also get molested by females. Girls molest other girls and boys too.
Stop saying you don’t have a man in your house or stop limiting your search to only men. Stop telling women not to keep grown up males at home. Sometimes you just have to totally stop people from living in your house. Simple. Either that or CCTV.
Females fondle children. As a kid, a boy never abused me but our female maids did (every time my mom left to work) abuse my sister and I.
A girl abused my male neighbor. A girl next door also fondled me and the day I said it out, I was told to shut up.
My neighbor’s little daughter started fondling herself. When I saw her, I questioned her and she said her older cousin who happens to be female was always inserting her fingers into her privates.
I’m only saying that people should stop thinking only men are culprits when these issues arise. This thinking is ignorant and ignorance allows evil to go on unchecked.
Check your sons too not just your daughters. Boys are abused everyday just like girls but society seem to totally ignore this. Male helps fondle even male children too. I have said it. That thief you’re looking for in sokoto might actually be in your house. Open your eyes please.



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