Mom-of-1 Contemplating Suicide After Discovering Her Sister is In Love With Husband

A Facebook user, Hasina Akhter, and mother of one has expressed her pain at discovering that her blood sister she raised is sleeping with her husband and is contemplating suicide.

The woman was shocked to find her sister in her matrimonial bed with her husband but, to make matters worse, the sister has refused to let go of her hubby, saying that they’re both in love, disclosed that she is contemplating suicide.

Hasina Akhter said she’s been unable to get the image of her only sister and husband in bed out of her head. She said it hurts more because she raised her sister and loves her like a child.

She said she has tried committing suicide several times but she’s finally decided to live for the sake of her 4-year-old son. She has now left her husband for her sister. She says though she’s alive, everything inside her is dead.

Her post read;

”I spent that whole afternoon swimming in our abandoned pond like a crazy woman. No one knew what was happening inside me; my whole life was crushing inside my chest. I saw them together in my own bed.

I can’t make you understand about that deep, burning pain in the chest if you have never gone through the betrayal of your partner who you once trusted the most and to whom you promised to live your whole life with in any situation.

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My husband betrayed me, he betrayed me with my own blood whom I was upbringing all her life as if I was her mother. I never thought in my worse dreams that even she could do this to me: my only sister who was with me after the death of our mother.

My only sister, whom I loved as my child, seized everything from me. She fell in love with my husband and took my nine years of married life and my future, my dreams, and all my beliefs that I could never rebuild again as a human being.

Our family tried a lot to make her understand but she was in love; no one could make her understand. My father hit her miserably, tried to lock her in my parents’ home but she escaped again and again and came to my husband.

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I couldn’t say anything to her. She was my child, my sister. It was very tough for me to accept that situation. I wanted to kill myself several times in order to make the situation easier. I was finding a lot of ways to kill myself; to leave this life but I could not because of my son and maybe I am not brave enough.

I handed my love to my sister and wished them luck the night I flew from our town and never returned again. Last year in the middle of the night without thinking where I was going, where I would go, how would survive with my four-year-old son, I left everything.

Nevertheless, I am alive. But inside me everything has died: my soul, my love, my every single dream, all my beliefs. I lost all my trust of everyone; I am just alive on the outside. I forgot to smile brother. Nowadays, even my smile appears as if I am crying.- Hasina Akhter.”

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So sad and heartbreaking!


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  • I can imagine how her heart has been broken. But I love her for making the decision to live for her child. Killing herself is not worth it. Karma is real,they will pay for what they are doing.

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