7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System During Pregnancy

Eyinade Eweje

Did you know the immune system is suppressed so the body doesn’t see the sperm or foetus as an invader and reject it? Consequently, during pregnancy, the white blood cells become less powerful, making you more prone to falling ill.

See tips to strengthen your immune system, so you and baby thrive in good health.

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1. Eat a well balanced, nutritious diet. The importance of eating a wholesome diet, rich in proteins, fatty acids, nuts and seeds, and varieties of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy cannot be overemphasized as it is crucial to supplying required nutrients you and baby need to stay healthy.

In addition, eat flu-fighting foods like fresh garlic, citrus fruits, and drink lots of water.

2. Supplements. Ask your doctor for appropriate supplements you and your baby require in addition to a healthy diet and commit to taking them as prescribed. Talk to your doctor if any of them triggers your nausea or makes symptoms worse.

3. Exercise. Yoga, aerobic exercises such as swimming and cardiovascular exercises like walking help keep your body in good shape, improve blood flow, flush toxins, circulate antibodies, boost your immunity, relieve pregnancy discomforts and increase your energy level. Regular exercise may also minimize your risk of gestational diabetes and keep your blood pressure in check.

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4. Rest. Get adequate sleep and try to relax during the day as much as possible. This relieves the stress and anxiety of pregnancy which messes with your immune system. Also, indulge in what makes you happy and stay positive.

5. Get vaccinated. To avoid complications that may arise if you have certain illnesses or infections during pregnancy, ask your doctor about top vaccinations you require.

6. Minimize contact with sick people, wash your hands frequently, disinfect germ prone areas and items in your home, and maintain proper personal and food hygiene.

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7. Get the sunshine vitamin. Get lots of Vitamin D from sunshine, oily fish and eggs. Your doctor may also recommend a supplement. Vitamin D increases the immune system’s ability to attack invaders and fight off infections, including colds and flu.

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