Best Dad of the Year! Check Out How This Amazing Dad Tricked His Baby Girl to Feed From a Bottle (Photos)

A cool dad and Facebook user, Anthony Favors got creative with babysitting his baby daughter while his wife was away at work.

According to the smart dad, since he didn’t have breast milk, he tricked his child into believing he had some by getting creative.

In a post he shared on his Facebook, the man narrated how he made a hole on his shirt and inserted a feeding bottle that had his baby’s food, according to Anthony, that’s the only way to distract her until her mother comes back.

He tricked his baby, as she fed from it assuming she was actually feeding from her mother’s breast.

He wrote:

”Wife was working and my daughter didn’t want me because I didn’t have breast milk so I tricked her lil cut a hole in my shirt lol …. #KingFavorsFlavors #BeautèFavors.”

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The post has long garnered over 106K likes and 163,671 shares. His wife, Shalanda Favors on her own part, wrote;

”MY husband support for me is everything. I literally be booked, especially working from home until my shop opens got me in straight GRIND MODE.

So he hold it down! I did lashes from 10 am until almost midnight, our daughter is breast fed and I was working so needless to say my husband did what he had to do 😂😂😂😂😂🙌🏾

Everybody keep asking us did this work for my husband 😂😂😂 yes it did. Photo credit to my oldest daughter Ca’Miya lol all jokes aside though awesome father 👏🏾👏🏾

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American dad gets creative as he takes care of their kid in wife’s absence lailsnews 3

Most Africans have argued that parenting is mostly a woman’s responsibility while the financial responsibility of running a home, tuition, etc rests on the man, but now, things are changing as some dads now take up the parenting responsibilities as a serious business.

We hail you Anthony Favors!

Photo credit: Facebook

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