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Watch Confession of Housemaid Caught Feeding Employer’s 5-Month-Old Baby With Liquid Soap

A teenager who worked as a maid in Lagos has been caught after poisoning her employer’s 5-month-old baby with liquid soap.

In a video shared online by Desola Afod, the house help is seen being questioned by an older woman, why she fed the five-month-old baby with liquid soap (Morning fresh) mixed with his food inside feeding bottle and the only explanation she could give was that she wanted to go back to her home.

She agreed that the child’s parents feed her well and they do not maltreat her, yet she chose to poison their innocent child.

Watch the shocking video below…

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The video has sparked outrage online. See some response to the video below.

”There Is Nothing You Can Do To Those Maid That Will Please Them …Even Creche workers can be so wicked ..I’ve seen where an elderly woman working at a creche beat a little boy as if she beating 17 years ..It only God that can take total control of all this.”

Another commenter wrote;

”My (lazy) aunt lost her 2 boys and nanny in a fuel explosion because she refused to turn the fuel her husband bought into the generator, instead she sent her uneducated Nanny that doesn’t know that fire and fuel are enemies.

Seriously ???? it’s not easy but if we can try managing our homes ourselves, we would have less of these stories even though some of them are naturally wicked and never satisfied.

If you want a child nanny please treat her like your own or else do the chores yourself.”

Another wrote; ”She is just heartless, she does not look like someone who is being maltreated.”

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One Faridonda also added:

”What she did is wrong… but to be honest this girl is between 10 to 13years… this is child labour in all sense… she should be in school and not taking care of a child she herself is a child.. let her go am sure she was beaten after the video.”


”How do I get to meet this house help and her boss? She is a child a kid, she isn’t evil, she retaliated out of frustration in her own kid like way for the consequences she has no idea off. Please she needs love, education a good home where she will be treated like a family member.

I was a houseboy myself I was beaten several times I was so hungry left over food for the dogs I had to steal, I worked hours almost everyday, 45 years ago.

Today am blessed beyond my dreams. Now that girl I need to meet her please she has no business at the police station.

Kids aren’t born evil, there was a trauma that would have triggered such a behaviour. Please get in touch asap e joor ma.”

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”That is why me and my wife have been doing our chores jejely????????????????.”

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