How To Treat Your Baby’s Diaper Rash?

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A diaper rash is an irritation on the area of the skin covered by a diaper. It is mostly caused by friction. When the baby’s skin continues to have contact with urine or poop, the skin gets irritated. So, prolonged use of a full diaper, sensitivity to new products as well as an introduction to a new diet can cause diaper rashes.

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What can I do If my baby has a diaper rash?

The moment you notice that your baby is developing a diaper rash, do the following to prevent it from spreading any further. Diaper rashes can be treated and treatment should begin as soon as possible. Below are the ways to effectively do away with your baby’s rash:-

  1. Expose Your Baby: Let your baby go about without her diaper for a while. The fresh air would keep the area dry and that would help in healing the skin faster.
  2. Wash Her With Warm Water: Due to the alcohol content present in wipes, using them on an already irritated skin would cause bacteria to spread and scorch the skin. The best option would be to use water to gently wash your baby and afterwards, pat dry with a towel.
  3. Antifungal Cremes: these work wonders for diaper rash. They fade them away in no time. Your pharmacist should be able to recommend one for you.
  4. Check Your Baby’s Diaper Regularly: There will be times that you cannot afford to keep the baby’s diaper off in spite of her rashes, for example, when she is going to bed or you are taking her out, in such times, check her diaper regularly. Change it as soon as it is full. But with stool, it is advisable to change it as soon as she is done stooling.
  5. Apply Breast Milk: Applying breast milk to affected area works like magic as well as an inexpensive and natural form of treatment. Breast milk contains antibiotic and healing properties.

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If you’ve tried all of the above, yet symptoms persist over five days with no signs of improvement, you should consult with your doctor.


  • If the baby is running a fever.
  • If the rashes are getting worse and spreading to other areas of the body.
  • If the rash has sores, blisters and open wounds.

How do I prevent a diaper rash from reoccurring?:

  • Do not let your baby sit in a dirty/full diaper.
  • Do not use undersized diapers as the tightness can irritate the skin.
  • Wash your baby with warm water after every poop.
  • Apply Blue seal vaseline before wearing her diaper as the ointment would reduce direct contact of her waste products with the skin.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water everytime you change your baby’s diaper to prevent germs from spreading to the things you touch afterwards, which would include your baby.
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