‘I confused her love and weakness for me, for lack of strength as a woman’ – Man, Sean, Pens Glowing Note to His Wife & It’s A Must Read

An emotional post written by a Sean Price, to his wife is currently trending online due to its uniqueness. In the post, Sean told of how he didn’t adequately appreciate his wife and sometimes called her weak.

He said he was so hard on her and would watch her come home bone tired from her 12-hour work shift and still have to take care of the family, yet he was “stupid” and saw her as “weak”.

But he suddenly came to the realization that he had been overlooking how strong she was. Sean realized this after walking in on his tired wife sleeping on the couch with their children in her arms. He captured that moment and shared it on social media.

The touching post quickly went viral after it was shared. It’s been up for only 18 hours but already has over 43,000 reactions and 33, 364 shares.

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He writes:

”So many times I called her weak for her intense emotional reactions toward different things… Told her to grow up, “be a woman”, “stop being so insecure”.

I’m so hard on my wife and oftentimes disconnected, because the strength I thought she needed, I couldn’t see that she already had it.

I confused her love and weakness for me, for lack of strength as a woman… Twice I watched her give birth to nearly 8lb babies, without epidurals and minimum assistance.

I watch her come home everyday to a 3year with absolutely no chill whatsoever, after a 12hour shift, and have to stay up with him despite being tired. Even with all that she rarely complains and deals with my shit.

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How could I be so damn stupid, to see “weakness” within all of this?? Today, when I walked into the living room and saw this I realized just how much of a fool I AM…

We miss what’s there in plain sight because we become fixated on the fantasy, not realizing that our reality is the fantasy… Sometimes you just have to remove the spec from your own eye!

I thank God for my wife, for the ups and downs, and everyday lessons and the strength she has that I was blind to see. I am grateful for the revelation that today has brought 🙏🏾🙏🏾👨‍👩‍👧‍👦+👸 #Strength #Love#Wife #Mother #SwissArmyKnife #AshBash#LilSean #Sarai #Kaelyn.”

His wife, Ashley Price also replied to the post and her reply has gotten a lot of reactions too.

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”My husband posted a picture of our children and I asleep. He captioned it by expressing his feelings/thoughts in that moment. He took the time to share this with myself and Facebook/IG to acknowledge the fact that SOME of his perception was wrong in regards to what strength, love, womanhood and “real life vs fantasy”.

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Now although our family/friends and I understand his message, I’m aware that anything said or done is subject to scrutiny on social media. Now I don’t have to clarify anything, nor do I care about strangers opinions…BUT THIS TIME I WILL BECAUSE HE IS MY BABY!!

Sean is an awesome God fearing husband and father. That post was his fashion of acknowledging that many of the harsh things he’s said DURING HEATED ARGUMENTS and FRUSTRATION are not how he feels. We’ve said crazy/disrespectful/disgusting things TO EACH OTHER with the intent to destroy egos.

It’s hard for Sean and I to revisit what was said in arguments, nor do we retract our words because we like to stay in a “good space” and not remind each other of how foul we can be.

Therefore some things said aren’t rectified and sitting on both our minds like “damn is that really how you feel about me!?” Basically, we are working on the everlasting battle of communication. This post was his way of saying “I was wrong I see where you were coming from babe”..

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This was his way of saying “I see you and I’m sorry for taking you for granted”.. It’s beyond me how people took his humility and turned me into a victim and him a villain.. I can’t and won’t argue with people who already have their opinion established.. Those opinions are from their 1st or 2nd hand experiences and I’ll never win..

But for everyone adding me and messaging me with women empowerment stuff and all that, THANK YOU. BUT ✋🏼 I know exactly who I AM, who I MARRIED and made children with. God is the leader/owner of our marriage/family, and he selected Sean as my husband and the head of our household.

I AM GRATEFUL. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is a bonus. His looks, his intelligence, his strength, his wisdom is God answering my prayers before I knew he existed. I also ask God to take certain characteristics, opinions and flaws away from him!

I want him to be the best and I expect the best from him and vice versa! We just have different ways of going about getting our point across! We were made to be different and sharpen each other where dull!

We are not “YES PEOPLE”.. he’s just more outspoken about his beliefs and will debate you til you’re over it.. I’m more “either you get me or you don’t and if not that’s cool”.. We are not perfect, we argue, we stress each other… but we get better with time, love, patience and resilience…

Our generation unfortunately lacks patience, love and resilience and we’ re so quick to replace people who are broken inside of praying each other up either from a distance or together (whichever is more healthy for you)..

Sean and I disagree on SO MUCH ESPECIALLY CONSPIRACIES.. but that’s what makes us US. I love him and although that pic is CRAZY 😟😂😂 im secure spiritually, mentally, and physically.. therefore I don’t need affirmation from strangers. It’s a nice gesture, however I only care what Sean, and my mom think of me ☺.”

My husband posted a picture of our children and I asleep. He captioned it by expressing his feelings/thoughts in that…

Posted by Ashley Price on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Photo credit: Facebook

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