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Sonia, IK Ogbonna’s Wife Reveals What She is Doing To Stay Married

Like every other marriage, Nollywood Actor, IK Ogbonna and his Colombian wife, Sonia Morales Ogbonna have faced a good number of challenges, and if there’s anything to be grateful for, Sonia says it is not getting divorced each time they thought of it.

In an Instagram post, the stunning mom of one, revealed what she and her husband did to avoid divorce. According to her, they grew to understand the process of being together which requires shunning ego and stubbornness.

Penning down an emotional post to her husband, Sonia, mother of IK’s second child, Ace, wrote;

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”Happy relationship is not found, it’s built. Its okay to be confused, scared and lost. We can’t know something we never experienced before. When we did wrong it was simply because we didn’t know better. Now we do. It’s a process.

Then you learn how to remove pride (Igbo man VS feministic,”i know it all” kinda independent stubborn alpha woman = you can only imagine????) and listen to UNDERSTAND because you care,and NOT to REPLY satisfy your ego because you want to prove him/her “wrong”.

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It took us some time, but that’s also just fine. Thank God we didn’t divorce every time we thought of it when times were harsh ????????Otherwise I would not be able to discover that you can fall in love with same person more then once.

The most genuine & exceptional male creature I have ever come across. Bless you . Thank you for all the happiness ❤.”

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'Thank God we didn’t divorce every time we thought of it' - Sonia Ogbonna tells IK Ogbonna lailasnews

Sonia met IK Ogbonna while she was still studying through a mutual friend named Oma. The friend gave IK Ogbonna her Instagram ID, and from there they started talking.

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IK Ogbonna and wife got married in 2015 at a courthouse in Zagreb, Serbia. Their marriage is blessed with a son, Ace.

Sonia Ogbonna is also the stepmother of IK Ogbonna daughter from another woman. He had the daughter before she met him.

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