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Dear MIMsters: I am Beginning to Despise My Younger Sister For Doing This

I am a born again Christian (35) and so is my younger sister who is 23 but I’m beginning to despise her for doing this to me and with her life.

I have sponsored and mentored her through primary school, secondary and college. I paid her fees and she lives in my house. She serves in the choir in our church and is very committed.

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Now, here is my problem with her…

Lately, she has become so disrespectful to me, it is long but I will try cut it short. Last Sunday, she came home late around 10 p.m. She lied to me that she went to her work place to pick a book. I called her boss immediately and the boss confirmed that she never saw her that Sunday. I confronted her and she became angry, acting funny, no longer asks me for transport to work since she just resumed. Meanwhile, she told my dad that she gets funded by her 38 year old boyfriend.

I feel very hurt because this is a girl I have sacrificed single handedly for considering that I solely take care of my other 2 siblings and my daughter as a single mum and my 5 year old niece. I have taken my 3 siblings through school and they are now working . The other two are very good, respectful, listen to advise and love God so much.

This my 23 year old sister is the problem. Now, she has told people that she wants to move out of my house to go and stay with my brother who is (not born again though married). I know she needs freedom to do her things. I am personally against her moving out of my house now because she will be more exposed since I am very strict with them. I wish my siblings very well in life. I have told them time and again that I do not want them to have children out of wedlock like I did, that should they get a potential husband, they should follow the right steps until marriage. But seems my sister doesn’t listen, or maybe it is because I am not married that she disrespects me.

I have had issues with her for over 1 half years but is the recent one that makes me hurt so much. Should I let her go? What if she gets exposed and gets pregnant?

Yesterday I booked an appointment to go see our Pastor with her but she never turned up and never answered my 6 missed calls. She came back home, found me in the kitchen. I had cooked for them, so she went straight to the fridge, took food and ate without even talking to me, went to the bedroom, relaxed, came to the kitchen again, ate the dinner I had prepared, took the lotion I had given her and silently brought it back to my bedroom and she went back to sleep.

She never talked about the reason she didn’t go to see the Pastor, neither did she tell me why she never answered my calls. I am hurting so so much, that a small girl I have raised with my hard work, moving from one country to another for greener pastures can now pay me this way?

I feel like beating her up but I have really tried to control my temper. What do I do with this woman? I am beginning to hate her but I do not want it to go far! My brother and my dad are involved and they both seem to take sides with her. We have a family meeting this Sunday. What should I do with this girl? I am so hurting in silent!

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“Dear MIMsters: I am Beginning to Despise My Younger Sister For Doing This”
  • Y out are playing your part but before you offend God through her, let her go, she’ll soon learni have a sister like that too that I used to love more than my own life but that stopped the moment she showed me she can’t appreciate my love for her and she can’t die for me.

  • Please let her go for your sanity. She’s 23 and an adult, it is high time she starts been responsible for herself. She can’t live with you forever.

  • Let her go ..Give her the freedom she so greatly seeks…. Nothing teaches and scars like time and experience…
    You have done your best…now leave the rest????

  • My sister, please free yourself.
    Let her move and stay with your brother. It’s her life and if she doesn’t appreciate your efforts and good intentions allow her to go. I’m glad you have controlled yourself so far.
    You have done your best.
    Take care of your little daughter and niece.
    Make yourself happy.
    Enjoy your own life.

  • Sorry for the hurt despite the sacrifice you made to bring her up and she is paying you this way. Let her go to wherever she want. Where a child comes from always with mouth soaked with oil he/she will soon come with blood in the mouth after several warnings to retreat and the child refused. She has started sleeping with men. You can’t hold her any more but very soon she will regret her life when it is too late. Nowadays generation are terrible.

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