How to Identify a Boss Lady


You don’t have to first be a manager or CEO of an organisation or someone’s boss to be a boss lady. Whether you are a student, working or stay-at-home, you can be boss lady. Being a boss lady is all in your aura, your persona, your composure and in the quality of decisions that you make.

A boss lady is all of the following and more…

  • She is confident.

A boss lady carries herself with confidence. She talks with confidence and adds that extra pep to her steps. Her walk is filled with purpose, and her gait alone is beautiful to behold.

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  • She takes Charge

Whether a member of your female local meetings or a part of workers at the office, she makes herself stand out. She leads. She is the one others ask all the questions, she is the one called upon to explain things because she always knows what to do. She is the one the meeting would not start without. She is in charge, and she is looked up to by her peers.

  • She is Classy.

A boss lady is classy not tacky. She sits with her knees together and legs crossed. She chews her food diligently and would not be caught picking her teeth with her fingers. Her dress sense is tasteful. It could spells sexy, yet in a classy way. Her shoes and her dressing are just right for the occassion.. She carries a demeanor that is poise and acceptable. Heads turn whenever she walks into a room because her presence commands an audience.

  • She is Dependable.

A boss lady is someone everyone else can rely on. She does the things she says. If she says she would be at a place by, 9pm it is! She is punctual at all times. People know to call on her when they are in trouble because they are certain that she would come through for them. She is the boss, she makes things happen.

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  • She is Empathetic but Firm

To be a boss lady does not mean you have to be a b*tch. Every good leader is empathetic towards the plight of others. A boss lady is understanding and she is kind but she definitely is not one that anyone would like to cross. She cannot be walked over because then, she would pull all the strings to make sure you are put in your rightful place, where you belong.

  • She Lifts others up.

A good leader leaves a trail of those she has helped to attain their goals on her path. She supports those who are struggling and helps them to be where they need to be in life because she understands that, assisting others and putting them in strategic places is an investment in humanity. 

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