Dear MIMsters: My Sister’s Hubby Made Advances Towards Me and This Is What It Resulted To

My younger sister’s husband was making advances towards me. This is a guy I am older than and once accommodated. As soon as I helped him get his own house and ensured his family came back (my sister, niece and nephew), he started telling me how he loves me.

I felt disrespected and shut him up. Then he started stalking me, I got so pissed that I picked up my phone, called my hubby who was in a different state to tell him. Hubby told me to inform my sister right away. My sister told me that her husband means no harm, that he just needs a companion and I am misinterpreting him. She says her hubby tells her everything.

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I was shocked at how she covered up for him.

My in-law started threatening me and my sister started telling my hubby horrible things about me. Calling my hubby, she told him that there is a secret she knows about me that if she decides to spill, he will never come close to me. (I’m 1000% sure I have no skeletons to hide from my hubby). She told him a lot of scary lies about me that got me scared of her.

On this issue, my hubby and dad are the only ones who are 100 percent behind me. They know I’m telling the truth. I vowed never to go close to my sister and her family again. I have blocked them and cut off all means of communication with them, which my husband is in support of. What I want to know is, am I doing the right thing?

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“Dear MIMsters: My Sister’s Hubby Made Advances Towards Me and This Is What It Resulted To”
  • You are doing the right thing. Your sister is a very toxic person. I am in shock reading this to tell you the truth. Block them off and don’t look back. Some day he will show her pepper and she will need you to run to don’t even mind her.

  • Your sister is not a good person. What you did was correct. Ensure you cut her off completely. Blackmailing you before your husband and supporting his adulterous husband is the height of her evil, if not because you have an understanding husband, this attitude of hers can crash your home. Very soon his adulterous husband will abandoned her for another woman and she will run to you shedding crocodile tears.

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