Dear MIMsters: My Sister’s Fees Abroad are Killing Me Fast

My sister’s fees abroad are draining and killing me.

I am a single mother who lives in an European country while I have a sister who is schooling as a medical doctor in an Asian country.

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I am just a cleaner who earns an equivalent of $750 every month, yet, I have to pay my sister’s fees, accomodation and feeding which costs about $7000 dollars every year. I also pay my house rent and take care of my family too.

My sister would have been working but was deceived by the agent who had earlier told her that when she arrives Asia, her fees would only be $2000 and will be allowed or permitted to work and school at the same time. But on getting there, this was not possible because it is against the rules to work and study at the same time. And with this huge fees, there was no other choice than to try my best to sponsor her.

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I have borrowed many times to foot her bill. Sometimes, I cry silently due to the expenses and stress of meeting up. The problem now is that she is in her final year and the school is demanding another $7000 before she can go for internship.

There is no way I can raise $7000 now. I am planning to tell her to quit and return home because I am still owing from the last fees I paid. Or how else do I handle this?

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“Dear MIMsters: My Sister’s Fees Abroad are Killing Me Fast”
  • Please do not let her quit in her final year. You guys have come this far, so quitting shouldn’t be an option. Please borrow again to pay up for the last time, by God’s grace, you will reap the fruits of your labor.

  • Just remember you didn’t come this far to come this far, you came this far for your sister to be a medical doctor and you are just in the last lap in achieving that. You quit now you lose every thing. Do whatever it takes for you to finish what you have started just borrow for the last time and God shall reward you.

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