Dear MIMsters: My Husband’s Sister Might Mean Well But This Is Against Everything I Stand For

My husband’s sister may mean well but this is against everything I stand for?

Since I got married, I’ve never had any issues with any of my husband’s family even though I discovered that his family are into “everybody mind your business” kind of lifestyle. No one cares about how we are faring except one of his sisters whom I hold at a high esteem.

She attends one of these churches where members are known to dress conservatively and do not wear earrings.

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The issue is that things have been rough for my husband and I financially. So his sister located a woman who conducts prayers. Since my husband agrees to most of her ideas and biddings, when she asked him to come for the woman’s prayers for ‘quick prosperity,’ my husband agreed.

When I heard of it, I told him to go do the prayers since its just prayers. Only for him to come back to say that the prayer woman requested for some money. I was like, “where will the money come from?” He said his sister promised to pay on his behalf.

On the next day, my hubby made a 30k deposit into the woman’s account. She said this money was to be used to buy some materials necessary for the prayer. This was when I became so furious. I told him to count me out of this whole prayer business thing. And so, since then, he has stopped telling me anything about the prayers and how much the prayer woman ended up collecting from him.

Now, the issue is that his sister may be waiting for my call to thank her for supporting us with the prayer woman, not knowing that I don’t believe in such prayers as I made clear to my hubby. She may see me as “ingrate” if I do not express my gratitude to her.

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Now we have a lot of bills to pay at hand and there is no money to solve our immediate needs. I got angry this morning and told him my displeasure concerning everything.

Should I call his sister or I should just pretend like I don’t know anything about this? Please advise me.

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“Dear MIMsters: My Husband’s Sister Might Mean Well But This Is Against Everything I Stand For”
  • Just call please. Don’t let this single phone call build a bridge between you and her since you say you hold her in high esteem.

  • Since your husband already told u about it
    Just call even if u r not in agreement with them
    To avoid issues with her meanwhile start doing your own prayers at home or you go to your church .

    Peace of Christ be with you.

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