Excursion: Mom Shares How Her Kids Almost Died Due to Negligence of a Popular Lagos School

A Nigerian mother by the Instagram handle @girlbosnigeria, took to gram to narrate how her two children almost lost their lives due to the negligence of the school (Crane Schools, in Ajah, Lagos) her children are enrolled in.

According to the woman, her kids and some other pupils were taken on a school excursion to Omu Resort. While at the resort, a nanny of the school locked her kids in a parked vehicle on a hot day with doors and windows shut.

Fortunately, they were saved after a staff of the resort who spotted her son calling out weakly from the window. The negligence of the staff of the Lagos school, was reported to her by the staff of the resort who insisted on calling her.

In her final word, she adviced parents and guardians to always be vigilant.

”I am appealing to all parents to keep an eye on their children. If they are always afraid to go to school, do some investigation.

If they get bruises often, don’t let it go. Pop in on the school unannounced from time to time to see what goes on when you’re not there. Always be vigilant!”

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Her posts reads;

”In February, my son (3 years) and daughter (2 years), joined the rest of their schoolmates (CRANE SCHOOL, Ajah) for an excursion to OMU Resort, Bogije. Upon getting there, both my children were left behind in the parked vehicle on a hot day with the doors locked.

The nanny took down the rest of the kids, leaving just mine. The driver closed the doors and everything, everyone went in.

Sometime later, a staff of the resort was just passing by the parking lot when he saw my son call out weakly through the window.

By some divine miracle, my boy was able to open it slightly enough and by some luck, someone just happened to pass by.

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He called out, “uncle” and the shocked man looked inside the vehicle to see my daughter passed out in the chair and my son barely conscious. Both kids were covered in sweat. My son’s eyes were terrifyingly swollen and red.

The man raised an alarm and they were able to get the bus open on time. My daughter, at the time, was already gasping for air. They had to undress them both because their bodies were burning hot. They each finished a large bottle of water as they were very dehydrated.

The resort staff asked the school for our numbers. They were determined to report their deadly negligence. For hours, Crane School refused to give it. It was not until they threatened to post pictures of my kids and the buses on social media that they finally gave in.

My husband and I rushed to the resort after the call. He insisted on seeing the driver and childminder who left the kids in the car.

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The school refused to tell us who they were. We wanted to know why it was just our own kids that were left in the bus.

We were very suspicious that it was not an accident. The school had no answer for us. We are now suing the school for negligence and attempted murder. Their lawyer’s response was basically for us to do our worst.

Why am I writing this? I am appealing to all parents to keep an eye on their children. If they are always afraid to go to school, do some investigation.

If they get bruises often, don’t let it go. Pop in on the school unannounced from time to time to see what goes on when you’re not there.

Always be vigilant!”

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“Excursion: Mom Shares How Her Kids Almost Died Due to Negligence of a Popular Lagos School”
  • Just for the records:

    Crane School has no intention to join issues with the persons behind the post: (Woman Recounts How She Almost Lost Her Two Kids From School’s Negligence. On 26th March, 2018) on social media. However, it is imperative to put right or put in proper perspective various misleading information posted by the writer.

    Firstly, there has never been any physical contact between the school’s lawyer and the lawyer to the children’s parents, only correspondences on paper. The school’s lawyer has never stated, expressly nor by implication, that the other lawyer should “Do his worst” as declared by the writer of the above post.

    Secondly, as at the time the children’s parents arrived to take them, they had eaten, just like other children; they were healthy and strong, taking part in the various scheduled activities. Neither of the children had fainted nor was resuscitated from a coma. We are indeed marvel at these claims!

    Be that as it may, we have explained the true picture of events surrounding the incident to the children’s parents, as well as, apologise directly to them, severally in order to placate any harsh feelings they might have about the incident.

    We have no misgivings about saying again, that we are truly sorry and regret any kind of inconvenience that the incident may have caused them.

    This attempt by the writer of the post to rubbish the good image of Crane School, using social media is quite unfortunate.

    At Crane Schools, the safety, wellbeing and development of our pupils/students is dear to us.


    • You apologized with no explanation of why they were left behind? What if they died? Stupid write up. You guys are lucky it wasn’t me cos I don’t need to report, court case na long thing. I’ll pay hoodlums to fuck you all up and burn down the school.

    • very poor attempt at PR. did u lock the kids in the bus or not? of course it is true, u couldn’t deny it cos u know it, what happened before the parents arrived? before u resuscitated them and gave them food?. u guys would never go on punished, useless people. God is not asleep,and no I’m not a family member, just wait, international social media is coming for u

  • @Crane School or what ever you call your self, for you to have openly apologise, then that means the writer never lied, all I can see in your write up is serious arogancy, how can you leave two children from the same parent In a locked vehicle 🙉🙉🙆🙆o my God am seriously upset right now, are you ever trained to know that when parent leave children in your care they absolutely trust your professionalism to be fully responsible to that child…..apart from being a mom I work closely with children and I can relate to what this mom is saying right now, for you not to have exposed the staff that perpetrated this evil acts against these Inocent children then you deserve what is happening right now and even more, If those children had lost thier lives in the process is this what you would be blabbing, aww am so disapoined in you and your entire management I wonder how you got the certificate to run a school….and I wonder the kind of Lawyer that is even defending your school, God will Judge you for doing this to Inocent children that have done nothing wrong to You, even if you have hatred for thier parent why extend it to t hier kids…o my God am heart broken already..

  • I wonder what business children of such tender ages even have to do with an excursion in the first place..they should be looked after carefully& in a conducive environment with proper supervision not to be gllavanting around town .of what benefit is an excursion to them?..

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