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Retired Nigerian Soldier Melts Heart as He Takes Over the Kitchen

A retired Nigerian soldier who shared photos from the kitchen shortly after he took over had an advice for misogynistic and patriarchal men.

Retired Des-Dokubo Dennis, tagged the photo with some words of advice to men to help their wives in the kitchen.

His post reads;


Madam was tired, so I took over the Kitchen, cooked Vegetable Soup and prepared Eba for Us to eat, Husbands should help their wives biko, you won’t die….”

As this post received many positive reactions, so also came a few negatives. A certain post from a young bachelor named Leonard stands out. Yet to be married Leonard tells people not to be like the soldier.

See his post below….

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Leonard Nova Emuan, who is yet unmarried further adviced other men not to be like the man.

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A proud Nigerian lawyer also had a similar advice few months ago for men, after he nursed his wife back to health with his food.

The man known as, Firsts Baba Isa, on Facebook shared the message on his page with photos of his wife relaxing at home.

“WIFE-NOT-COOK” “Most times I keep mute on trending issues. I keep mute because I know I mustn’t comment on every trending issue to be relevant. Those who know me well will already know where I stand on those issues anyways.

Those issues don’t breastfeed my bank account sef.” “But some of my friends, fans and especially proteges won’t have any of that. They will sneak inbox to push me to say something, to take a stance.

At times I allow myself to be pushed, at times I dig in and pout my sealed lips.” “When I got this push to comment on the #wifenotcook thing I didn’t even answer them. I didn’t answer them for another reason. My wife was sick that week and I was living the answer they wanted me to give on social media.”

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“My beloved Firstlady was sick and I wonder how the wife-not-cook balderdash would have played out in my home if we were stupid enough to adopt any side of the wife-not-cook coin.” “There were different kinds of food in the freezer that she had cooked.

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I will make the food, serve her and do the dishes. She will not even eat. I will rush to different fastfood to get this and get that.

I served her breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed. I nursed my Baby back to health. Halleuia. And I do this often, not just when she is sick. I’m not the best guy out there. I have my own faults. I just try my best. My point is when you love and care for your partner, hashtags don’t matter.

Don’t let people define your life with their whims. For those who want to know. I and my wife have roles. And we help each other in executing these roles.

For instance, I’m the primary provider but she also makes money and help me in providing for the home. She is the primary homemaker but I help her in the kitchen, doing the dishes and running the errands.

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This doesn’t stop me from being a lawyer and running my several concerns. And her role in the home doesn’t stop her from running her NGO and other concerns.

Not cooking for your husband won’t make you a successful woman automatically and cooking won’t reduce you either.

And as a man if you cook for your wife, heaven will not fall. I encourage intending couples to talk about everything; but if you find yourselves talking about things like who will cook, who will eat, who will own the p*nis, who will carry the v*gina around, then know that you have been infected with a virus know as warped sense of marriage. #wifenotcook you embrace it.

#wifenotmother you embrace it, #husbandnotfather, you embrace it… Get ready to embrace #akamunotbraininyourhead.” “Firsts Baba Isa (FBI).”

Photo credit: Facebook

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