After Husband and Son Received Treatment Abroad, First Lady, Aisha Buhari, Condemns Foreign Medical Tourism

In an inaugural message at the inauguration of Cedarcrest Hospital, Abuja — where Yusuf, her son, was first treated after sustaining severe injuries from a bike accident, the first Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari condemns the practice of spending the nation’s resources abroad via medical tourism.

According to The Cable, Mrs Buhari said she doesn’t believe in Nigerians travelling abroad to receive treatment because “we have all it takes” for world-class medical services. Aisha said her son “almost lost his life” but the hospital saved him.

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“I believe in making Nigeria a better place to be. I don’t believe in spending our resources abroad. We have all it takes to have a hospital like this, from manpower to personnel.”

“Even after he was flown abroad for further medical attention, they (hospitals and surgeons abroad) did not do anything for him,” she added.

“They asked where the accident happened, where the surgery took place, I said Nigeria, they said excellent.”

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Remember that in 2017, her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari spent a total of 152 days in a London hospital treating and undisclosed ailment (read here). He travelled on two different occasions.

Similarly, their only son, Yusuf was treated abroad after he recently suffered injuries from a power bike accident in Abuja.

He was first treated in Cedarcrest hospital but was later flown abroad for further treatment.

Aisha, who announced his return to the country after the medical trip, did not reveal the country he was treated in (read here).

The first lady has made controversial comments in recent times, forcing commentators to conclude she is aiming her dig at her husband.

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