TBoss Supposedly Responds To Dad’s Curses On Any Man Who Marries Her and Her Siblings With Cryptic Posts

Recently, news of former BBNaija TBoss’ father, Engineer Vincent Idowu wedding to a much younger woman went viral. Not only that, none of his adult children were in attendance. Reacting to many social media user who sought to know why his grown children were excluded from the ceremony, TBoss’s father revealed his children abandoned him and that the last time he set his eyes on Tboss and her siblings was in August 2016, adding that her mother left him on good grounds in 2006.

He further said that he is moving on with his life without his children and that when Tboss and any of her siblings get married, it shall be without his blessings, saying, ”woe unto the man or the woman who marries any of them. So shall it be by the power vested on me by God Almighty.”

Tboss has however reacted to the post. She responded in a shade seen to be directed at her father after he placed a curse on any man that would marry her and her siblings.

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She shared the below message on Instagram shortly after her father’s message went viral,

As Nigerians continue to slam him over his statement, Engr. Idowu Vincent further revealed how he spent money ranging in millions on the education of Tboss and her siblings.

A screenshot was shared by an Instagram blog showing Tboss engaged in a war of words with fans who questioned her behaviour towards her dad.

Many fans of hers were dropping comments that didn’t sit well with her father who was prompted to state how responsible he was in her upbringing.

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He wrote;

”Who says? Did your father spend in total up to a million Naira for your University education? I spent well over N2million on Tboss’ brother’s University education within 3yrs and stopped in May last year because of his unruly behaviour.

I paid all Tboss and her siblings primary and secondary schools fees and fought for them to have scholarship to study abroad. And occasionally sent them money for their sustenance”.

Surprisingly, he was very much in support of the reality TV star when she emerged runner-up in the competition last year.

When she had an issue with former housemate Kemen when they were in the house, Engr. Idowu reacted after being provoked by a joke cracked by AY comedian concerning the situation.

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He wrote:

”I felt horrified that AY the comedian would make a joke from others’ pains and heartbreaks. Within 5minutes of meeting her brother at the Airport upon her arrival in Nigeria, TBoss directed her brother to start all legal proceedings against Kemen.

When the issue was brought to my attention, l I knew TBoss was deeply hurt by Kemen’s action. I will stand by my daughter any day and will go to any length to protect and uphold her dignity. As for Helen Paul, she NEVER liked TBoss. God will judge her accordingly. Hater.

AY, it’s most unfortunate that you have heaped burning coal of fire on your daughter’s head. With time you will cry more than I cried for the humiliation meted out to my daughter in the Big Brother Naija 2017 House by Kemen. AY, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU.

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Your wife and all your daughters shall be raped before your very own eyes. This is a solemn promise. Just wait.

Was Kemen the only male in Biggie’s House? TBoss abhorred his sexual overtures and she told him so on several occasions. Kemen’s action should be condemned by all and sundry.”



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