Baby Visiting Etiquettes: Things to Note When Visiting a Newborn

You got news that your friend has put to bed and you are happy for her! You begin to prepare to visit the tiny patter of feet and to share in your friend’s joy. But before you do, there are certain baby visiting etiquettes that you must note when paying your friend that visit. She may not complain if you fail to do any of these for fear of coming across as being rude, but you can be sure that she is thinking about it.

  • Call First.

You should call before going over. The right time for you may not be the right time for her. She may be busy attending to an already full house or simply trying to get some sleep. So you should call, not to inform her that you are already on your way, but to ask when it’s a good time for you to come by.

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  • Wash Your Hands On Arrival.

As soon as you get to the house, ask for water and soap to wash your hands. Even if you had a bath before embarking on your visit and you are sure you did not “touch anything dirty,” just wash again. Carrying a newborn with unwashed hands puts the baby at risk.

  • Don’t Kiss The Baby.

I know the baby is cute and you just want to rain kisses on her, but please resist the urge! Newborns have fragile immune systems making them vulnerable to illnesses. Viruses and bacteria that would barely cause harm to an adult or older children could easily make a newborn sick. So it is best to avoid kissing a newborn. Besides the health risk involved, most moms do not like people kissing their babies.

  • Wait For The Mother To Offer The Baby To You.

She may be your friend or an in-law and you are excited, but it is wrong to barge into the room and pick up the baby without being invited to carry her, especially when the baby is sleeping. Let the mother do the offering, and if she does not, you can be sure she has a good reason why, so don’t take it personally.

  • Carry A Gift Along.

Who goes to visit a baby with empty hands? It is not nice. Always take a gift or a bite along.

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Stay Away If You Are Ill.

A new born’s immune system cannot fight off bacteria or viruses so if you have as much as a cold or a running nose, you should wait to get well before visiting.

  • Don’t Call The Mother Fat.

A woman that just put to bed is already struggling with alot. The changes in her body is one of them, so she does not need you reminding her of her imperfections. And she definitely does not want you making snide jokes about her baby or complaining about the shape of the baby’s head or colour of his skin. it is out of place. So be nice and emphathic

  • Do Not Give Unsolicited Advice.

One of the things a new mum faces is every one telling her what to do and how to do it. She already has her ears full, don’t make it harder for her. Just sit with her and let her do the talking while you listen and be supportive.

  • Offer To Help Around The House.

There may be dishes sitting in the sink unwashed, or something she really feels like eating but haven’t gotten the chance to make it, so ask her if there is something she needs help with, she would sure appreciate it.

  • Don’t Take Your Sick Kids Along.

You may not be ill, but how about your child? It is common for mothers to take their children along when visiting a new mum. If your child is ill, please do not bring them along. And do not try to give the newborn to your child to carry.

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  • Know When To Leave.

Understand that the new mother is unusually tired. Trying to keep up with the newborn and visitors like you can wear her out. So try not to overstay your welcome. When you notice the mother is feeling sleepy or the baby is getting on her nerves, excuse yourself with a promise to visit again at another time.

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