6 Breastfeeding Positions You Want to Try

A comfortable breastfeeding experience is a mother’s dream, however, finding the right breastfeeding position that works both for your baby may require a little research. Here are a number of ways or breastfeeding positions you could try until you get what works for you.

The Cradle Position

This is one of the most common positions. You hold the baby in the cradle of your arm; the arm on the same side that you intend to feed the baby from. Let the baby’s head rest in the crook of your elbow while your hand supports the rest of the baby’s body. Now cup your breast with the other hand and encourage the baby to latch on.

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The Crossover or Cross-Cradle Hold

This is almost the same thing with the cradle position except that you use the other hand to hold the baby in position. So if you want to feed the baby with the breast on the right side, cradle her with your left hand. With the crossover style, the baby’s head rests in the space between the thumb and the index finger while you guide the breast to the baby’s mouth with the hand on the same side you want to feed baby from.

The Clutch Hold

This style is also called the Rugby or Football hold because the baby’s body is clutched the way rugby players would hold the ball in a game. As illustrated, the baby’s body is held in between the arm and the mother’s side. The mother adjusts the baby until his head is  positioned just below the nipple. This style of breastfeeding is most ideal after a C-section so that the baby doesn’t rest on/ disturb the healing wound. It’s also convenient for women with big breasts.

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The Side Lying Position

This position is most ideal when you want to nurse baby in the middle of the night. Both of you lie on your side, facing each other. Support baby’s back with a pillow or folded blanket. Hold and guide your breast to baby’s mouth with the other arm, that is the arm that’s NOT on the side you’re lying on. It will be easier for baby to fall asleep in that position.

The Upright Feeding Position

Baby doesn’t always have to be lying down in your cradled arms or on the bed. She could be sitting or even standing upright as she feeds. If you’re sitting on a chair, you can put baby astride your leg or legs as you would sit if riding a horse. Depending on her “length” or your height, a just her until she is able to latch on without straining. You can also use this position if you’re sitting on the floor. Here baby could stand or still sit on your legs in an upright position  to feed.

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Twin Hold

Yes, what if you’re feeding a set of twins? It’s going to be difficult, right? Well not necessarily. With the help of a breastfeeding pillow, you could use the biological, cradle, clutch or upright positions to feed two babies simultaneously. Once they’ve latched on and your breasts are letting down nicely, you could relax until they’ve had their fill. You can then put them to sleep or set them free to play.

Remember to catch up on your own feeding though. With two kids suckling on your breasts, your body will need to get enough food to keep you strong and to produce more milk for the ever hungry babies.

In conclusion, there are really no rules to positioning your baby when you’re breastfeeding. Whatever works for you and the baby is alright as long as it’s not hurting you and baby is getting enough milk to nurture growth and development. Some mothers even practice yoga breastfeeding where they stand on their heads to feed the baby. Not so sure about that though. Got comments or contributions? Let’s see them in the comments section. To the little ones: bon appetit.

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