Dear MIMsters: Do I Wait for My Boyfriend or Move on?

Do I wait for my boyfriend or move on?

I got in a relationship with this guy since 100L when I was 23 years old and we’ve been in this relationship for over 7 years now.

I am over 30 now.. The guy in question has twice told me not to wait for him to get married but at the same time, he immediately professes his undying love for me and always begging me not to leave him.

My family has asked him severally to come and pay my bride price with whatever he has no matter how little, just to show commitment. He hasn’t yet responded to my family who have now mounted a huge  pressure on me to leave him alone and move on. They want me to find someone else to get married to, to avoid disappointment from this guy.

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Meanwhile, my guy’s father has told me before that he will not give his blessing or for us to get married until my guy has a stable income. So my guy is waiting to have a job first before he settles down. The problem for me is that he is still in school, furthering his education with a Master’s Degree

On the other hand, I have this new guy who wants to settle down. The problem here is that my guy is still asking me to give him more time. That he will marry me as soon as he gets work. While this other guy is serious about getting married to me this year. My boyfriend’s constant pleas to wait for him and the love he professes makes me confused. I don’t know if I should still wait for him till he gets a job or move on. Remember I mentioned to you that I’m over 30 years old.


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“Dear MIMsters: Do I Wait for My Boyfriend or Move on?”
  • I perfectly understand the situation you are in right now my dear. I think you are putting too much consideration on what people would say about your 7 years relationship and also scared of hurting your boyfriend’s feelings when you eventually move on for the fact that he constantly reaffirm his love for you and a reason for you to wait for him. Because its 7years now doesn’t mean he will put a ring on that finger. A cousin of mine was in a relationship for 8 and half years one thing led to another they didn’t get married and he got married to the lady he dated for 9 months in 2016.Funny enough the other girl is still out there not yet married. You have to always remember that its not about him, or anyone else but you, your happiness comes first. Sit yourself down and ask yourself if you are ready to move on, many might not agree with me but as a woman your clock is fast ticking and becomes more difficult getting suitors as a woman once you hit the big 30s. There are no guarantee that he will walk you down the isle when he finishes his studies and what are his chances of getting a job immediately after his studies? I say this because men are so erratic sometimes when it comes to choosing a life partner. A bird in the hand is far more worth than a thousand in the sky. So I suggest you should give this new guy a chance to see what he has to offer, if he’s damn serious about getting married to you then learn to love him and get it over with. A lot will change and get better with time. Thanks

  • U r over 30 and u r still waiting for a guy that told u to get married when u see a husband. Nne please receive sense. A guy ur family told to pay ur bride price no matter how small but he is yet to do that and u r still waiting for him. Please move on, ur biological clock is ticking. This guy may shock you.

  • If you are over 30 so?since when did age become a determinant for marriage? Please wait for him a little more and stop worrying about what family or people are saying.

  • Dear poster, I’ll join my voice to Kings Billy and advise that you move on. This guy may likely not marry you. Seven years is a whole lot of time to date someone.

    You have someone in the offing now. Please look towards that direction and find out if this new guy has good qualities. If he does and truly wants to marry you, then BT all means go ahead and do so.

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